It was just a matter of time

We knew it was just a matter of time, but we were really hoping for just a little bit more time.

When I got home from Girl’s Night Out last night, Eric informed me that Alex had joined him in our bedroom… 30 minutes after he had been closed into his bedroom like normal. He put him back to bed and Alex stayed put. Fluke? Luck?

Fast forward to today…

Apparently it was not a fluke.  Alex joined Eric in our bedroom 20 minutes after we put him down for his nap. Eric finally came downstairs into the basement to talk to me after the 5th time he put Alex back in his room. He even threatened to take away Teddy & Bunny if he got up again. It didn’t help. As Eric was talking to me, we thought we heard Alex in the kitchen. But when we got upstairs, Alex was not on the first floor. Went upstairs and sure enough, Alex’s door was just slightly open. Don’t know if he actually had come down, but he certainly wasn’t closed in anymore. As I got to his door, Alex peeked out, saw me, and closed it again. We went into the bedroom to laugh. Then I went in to sternly tell him that he had to stay in bed. I left. He followed me.

The spare gate is now installed on Alex’s bedroom to keep him in. When I was putting it up, Alex was on the outside whining that he couldn’t get in. So I let him in. He closed the door, which is on his side of the gate. Then he opened the door and grinned at me. When he closed the door again, I started laughing. You never realize, until you try, just how hard it is to discipline when your kid is being so darn cute while he’s being a pain in the ass. 🙂

The entire time I was writing this, Alex was opening and closing the door, and playing with the gate. Now he’s whining because he’s figured out he can’t get out. Hopefully he’ll get back in bed and take his nap soon. I’m heading back down into the basement so I can ignore him!

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