Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

OK, so I’m really late. But better late than never!

Christmas this year was fun. Jenna was with us this year. Eric and I woke up about 6:30 and ended up getting Alex out of bed about 7:00. When we went to get Jenna, she was already up and ready to go. So downstairs we went.

First gift Alex saw was his new tricycle. Since it was unwrapped, not a big surprise. He sat on it for a minute and then we coaxed him into opening presents.

Jenna managed to pick her “big” gift as her first one to open. We had bought her a 3rd Generation 4GB iPod Nano, just like mine. But we took it out of the package and I taped it in the center of a DVD case from The Matrix  (courtesy of my mother, who did the same thing to my father on his birthday). She opened its package and gave it a rather strange look. “But I’ve never heard of this movie!”, she exclaimed. We just laughed, teased her for a second, and then told her to look inside. Her jaw literally dropped. By the end of the weekend she had her new Twilight  soundtrack CD loaded on it along with a couple of Car Talk  podcasts and some pictures.

Alex was entertaining as well. He kept getting distracted by wanting to play with the gifts he’d already opened that it took us over an hour to coax him into opening all his presents. By the end of the day, every one of his gifts had been played with at least once. Of course, the new finger paints were simply loaded onto his dump truck and driven around rather than actually used, but still, nothing got neglected. He especially seems to like both of his puzzles, which have been put together numerous times since then.

His favorite gift appeared to be the Melissa & Doug Wooden Ramp Racer that I picked out for my Uncle Dave to give him. He played with this toy for the most amount of time that day. When it was naptime, he made us carry it upstairs to his bedroom. After his nap, it came back downstairs. At bedtime, up it went. In the morning, down it came. Naptime the next day, up it went and down it came. At bedtime we managed to distract him and got out of carrying it around and he hasn’t asked since.

The rest of the day was spent basically doing nothing. We spent the entire day at home, cozy as can be. We ate our Christmas meal of Ham, Lemon-Dill Carrots, Candied Sweet Potatoes and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls around noon, since Alex is usually in a better mood around lunch-time than he is around dinner-time. We had planned to go sledding, but Jenna had a cold when we picked her up and really wasn’t feeling up to it.

So here’s Alex’s Christmas “stash”:

  • Tricycle (Mommy & Daddy)
  • Playmobile Farm Puzzle (Jenna)
  • 2 Curious George DVDs (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • Play-Doh Fun Factory (Grandma & Grandpa Bischof)
  • Finger Paint (Aunt Leigh)
  • Tonka Dump Truck and Bulldozer (Aunt Leigh)
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Ramp Racer (Uncle Dave)
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Tool Box (Santa)
  • Fisher Price Medical Kit (Santa)
  • Hot Wheels Cars (10 from Santa & 13 from Barb), along with a case (Barb)
  • Dora & Diego Puzzle (Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • Melissa & Doug Firetruck Floor Puzzle (Alicia & Gordon)

And Jenna’s “stash”:

  • iPod (Daddy & Shannon)
  • Twilight CD (Alex)
  • American Girl Horse, dress & book (Grandma Judy, Grandpa Ed, & Aunt Leigh)
  • 2 Nancy Drew games for Nintendo DS (Uncle Dave)
  • 2 expansions for her Killer Bunnies game (Santa)
  • Double Shutter game (Grandpa Chris & Allyson)
  • Carcassone game (joint gift to all of us from Alicia & Gordon)

We’ve learned that we should limit what we buy them ourselves because so many other people are buying them gifts that we end up with more than enough packages under the tree!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Looks like everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Wish we could have been there. We really would have enjoyed watching “The Matrix” with Jenna!

  2. Sounds like another perfect morning! I can remember so many fun Christmas mornings with our children. Seems so long ago!

    Glad Jenna and Alex had a good Christmas. Next year will be even more fun with the addition of a new brother or sister.

    Thanks for including me in your Christmas blog.

    Love, Aunt Lynn