I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while now, but we all got sick right after Christmas and although Alex and Eric are totally recovered, I’ve still got some lingering symptoms.

Right before Christmas, Eric and I hosted a night of Sheepshead at our house, for the first time since Alex was born. All of the people who came are people who Eric used to work with at UWM. So my very, very shy son within the first 2 minutes is hugging Rose hello. He’s never met these people before in his life! Alex was a good boy that night. Of course (and as expected), as soon as I tried to sit down and play a hand, Alex switched from watching Cars to wanting Mama’s attention. Fortunately after two hands the rest of the people showed up and they didn’t need me as a 5th player anymore. So once I got something to eat, Alex and I headed into the basement to play trains.

Around bedtime, we headed back upstairs. I took Alex into the dining room to say good-night to Eric. He hugged and kissed Daddy good-night. Then he proceeded to walk all the way around the table and give everyone a kiss on their side.

My son is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up!

4 thoughts on “Sheepshead

  1. It was two days before he actually gave me a kiss this trip. Maybe he was all worn out from sheepshead!