My parents came up for an unexpected visit a few weeks ago. With them they brought the train table that I asked my father to build. We had a wooden train set in a box from when Jenna was younger. So Dad set the table up in the basement and we took Alex down to see it. He absolutely loves it! His grandfather is tickled pink. Every day after that (Fri, Sat, Sun, even Mon), we were down there at least twice a day. Dad was changing the layouts every night.

He’s asked to go down there at least once a day since. Last Tuesday I didn’t even get him into the car when I picked him up at daycare before he asked “Trains? Trains?” Most days we can go down, some days we can’t – which of course leads to quite the temper tantrum. But he is slowly learning to be patient when we tell him we can go down after something else happens (Mommy needs to change clothes, or after dinner). Sometimes he’s content to play by himself. Sometimes he wants someone to run the 2nd train. I think the table is going to turn out to be a better investment that I ever imagined.

Last night was actually the perfect night since dinner was in the slow cooker and didn’t need my attention. So as soon as we got home I took him downstairs where we played for nearly an hour. Eric had come downstairs when he got home, but we delayed dinner until Alex was hitting the point where he gets frustrated, which is our sign to go back upstairs.

4 thoughts on “Trains!

  1. Glad to hear that he is still enjoying the Trains! Can’t wait until we can play with him again.

  2. By the way, have you noticed when you are running the second train, you have to stay behind his train? Definitely an alpha male you produced!

  3. Grandpa did a very nice job on the train board. He has become quite the carpenter just like his dad. Have fun with the train set Alex.

    Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff