I Love You

Tonight as Alex and I were leaving Bill & Olya’s, Bill sent the older two kids over to hug Alex goodbye. Damien & Alex moved in and hugged. Then Sergey and Alex hugged. Too cute. (Nope, no pictures) Then Bill took his boys up to bed while I got Alex’s coat on.

Eric came over to say goodnight since he was going to stay another hour or so. Alex hugged & kissed Daddy goodbye and then spontaneously said “I Love You” to Eric. So sweet! That’s the first time he’s said that without someone saying to to him first. And even then, I’ve only heard it once or twice before.

4 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. What do you mean, no pictures? Don’t you carry a camera in your pocket, turned on, at all times???

  2. Demonchild has a point! You mean you don’t take a picture every 2 minutes like grandma’s do!

    Love, Aunt Lynn