I’m So Proud of Me!

That’s the last line of Alex’s favorite book right now. What book is it, you ask? It’s the potty book that we’ve been reading for several weeks now. Tonight, Alex was running around diaper-less for a few minutes, as often happens between getting off his diaper and getting on the pull-up at night. Suddenly he stopped, looked down and seems to be concentrating. Just as I said “Don’t pee on the floor”, I saw the pee starting to come out. So then I said “Stop”, which he actually did! Then I said, “Let’s try something new.”, and led him into the bathroom. I picked him up and balanced him on the toilet (since the potty chair is not actually set up in there yet). “OK. Now you can go pee in the potty”. He looked down and concentrated real hard, and he went pee in the potty for the very first time! Took a few starts and stops, but after a few minutes, it was obvious he was done. I made sure he knew how proud of him I was. Then he flushed the toilet and we went to get his pull-up on.

Thursday morning I’ll be getting the second potty chair out of the attic and getting it in the bathroom. I’d do it sooner, but we won’t be home tomorrow night anyway.

8 thoughts on “I’m So Proud of Me!

  1. This was a very important step. Congratulations. Once they get the idea in their head, it should be pretty smooth sailing.

  2. Yeah, we’ll have to push it a little bit harder now. Maybe try during the day on Thursday. And then get Barb in on the action!

  3. Way to go Alex!!!

    Shannon, I used to balance Bob on the top of my feet and that got him up high enough to reach a big potty. It worked for Christian, Vance, & Drew too. I must admit though that my feet got peed on a couple times !!!!! 🙂 Lincoln & Chase are the next to stand on Grandma’s feet to pee (but not for a couple years yet).

    Don’t worry about how long it takes before Alex wipes his own butt. I’m still wiping Vance’s and he’s 6!! Keeps the amount of “streaks” down if you know what I mean.

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  4. I have been told that our toilet is too high for toddlers to stand and pee into (no Leigh, I still don’t want that toddler urinal). But we do have a step-stool at the ready in there. Can’t leave him alone anyway, so the feet thing might be easier.