Long Time, No Write

I know, I know, long time, no posts. Almost a year, actually. Work has been so busy the 18 months or so that when I get home, I really have no brain power left. It’s all I can do most of the time to get Alex to Taekwondo twice a week. And then in Jan we added in Swimming for Beth.

Beth has been doing awesome at that. After two not-so-great sessions involving a whole lot of crying (and not a lot of swimming), Beth finally had a breakthrough! She’s no long afraid to get her face wet, and, more importantly, no longer afraid of jumping in! She finally passed the 1st level and today she had her first class of the 2nd level. Yay! With her fear gone and her swimming ability increasing, we were able to really enjoy swimming with Kevin & Sarah and their 4 kids at Sarah’s parents house. Twice! Once was on my birthday, which meant I didn’t have to work that day. Another Yay!

Alex has competed in two more Taekwondo Tournaments and brought home several more medals. He attended a small tournament in January, between our school and another one. Alex took 2nd place in all three events that he participated in. There was a couple of red belts in his ring, which is four belts above him! And only 1 of those red belts were able to do better than Alex. In July, Eric and I both took him to another larger tournament and he brought home 4 medals (from his 4 competitions): 1st in Forms, 1st in Weapons (he did his bo-staff), 2nd in Sparring & 3rd in Combat Weapon. This tournament was more fun because in the past year we’ve gotten to know his classmates better and all three of them were watching and cheering each other on when they weren’t competing in their own rings. The support this time around was amazing!

Last summer (2015) we went camping for the first time. Real camping, not zoo camping. Being a rookie, I did not realize that using cardboard boxes for the non-perishable food was a bad idea. We woke up one morning to find that our crackers and cookies had been ransacked. And something (probably a racoon) had tried very hard to get into an unopened container of peanuts. We found that about 20 yards from the campsite with teeth/claw marks on it! But overall, it it was fun, and it was good for all of us to unplug from our iPads for a couple of days, so we did it again this summer. This year we drove in on Thu after work, to beat the weekend rush. But we stayed a bit closer to home and went to the place that Eric remembers from his childhood. And took along 2 big plastic tubs instead of boxes! But of course, it wouldn’t be a camping trip without calamity. It started raining before we were fully setup, so we didn’t quite get the tent setup properly. Which cause the roof to leak. All…Night…Long… We huddled under sleeping bags to sleep while being dripped on since there was no dry spots in the tent. In the morning, we discovered just how much water was on the floor, since most of our backpacks containing our clothes were now wet. But we dried out, and the second night was better. Fri we went swimming in the lake, played several rounds of “Love Letters”, and just chilled out. Eric and Alex took a nap, because honestly, none of us had slept well the night before. Sat morning we headed back to the lake to go fishing and then headed back to the campsite to have lunch. After lunch we packed up, (very leisurely since we had until 3pm to get out) and went home. Honestly, we don’t do a whole lot while camping. Mostly playing games and just chilling out.

Alex is now in 5th grade. Beth is in 2nd grade. Still can’t believe that next year my baby boy starts Middle School!

3 thoughts on “Long Time, No Write

  1. Sounds like you had a busy year. The camping trip sounded like loads and loads of fun. We almost wish we had gone camping instead of going to Pennsylvania. Almost…but fortunately neither of us is suffering from dementia, yet.

  2. Sounds like your camping trip was one to remember. I am sure you will have many more memories as the children grow up. Treasure them all, the time goes by too quickly.

    Love, Aunt Lynn