Stinky – part 2

Last night I was in Alex’s bedroom letting him tear the place apart. Alex suddenly went over to the changing pad, which was leaning against the wall and said “Stinky”. Then he grabbed the pad and said “Stinky” again. He put it on the floor. I had smelled something about 15 minutes earlier, but since he was still running around, I didn’t say anything. So I asked him “Alex, are you stinky? Do you want your diaper changed?”. Alex said “Yes”, and proceeded to lay down on the mat. So I changed his diaper without him fussing at all. In fact, in the middle of it, Alex pointed towards the stack of books and said “Potty”. We’ve been reading the Potty book every night for about two weeks now, at Alex’s request. Obviously something is sinking in.

We’re getting there. Slowly, but we’re getting there. We’re not pushing too hard, but we are pushing gently.

4 thoughts on “Stinky – part 2

  1. Pushing gently is good. Hopefully you will be done before Sophia’s arrival. You have about 2 months!

  2. To be honest, I’m afraid if we push now and get him trained before Dax makes his/her appearance, then Alex will regress at that point and we’ll have to do it again.

    We’re kinda figuring that we wait until Grandma arrives to help with Dax, and as a side job she can help potty train! 😉 So, if he seems ready, we’ll go for it, but unless he asks for his potty, I’m not sure we’re going to really try until later.