My parents have a dog. We went to their house for Thanksgiving. Luckily for Lucky, it was a warm weekend and he was able to stay outside most of the time. Alex took a liking to chasing Lucky around, even in circles.

Alex never hurt Lucky, but he was fascinated by the dog. The second day we were there, Lucky figured out that if he got on the back of the couch, Alex couldn’t reach him.

One day, Lucky decided to use my mother and I as a shield between him and Alex. Alex kept chasing him in circles around us. Every time Lucky got to the door to go downstairs, he would pause, whimper, look at us, and then take off around us again. After three rounds, Mom took pity on him and opened the door. Lucky took off like a shot. I should also mention, that Lucky does not like to go into that downstairs room. Alex cried because we let his plaything run away.

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