Counting again

Barb greeted me at the door today with:
Barb: “Did you know Alex could count to ten in Spanish?” (She sounded absolutely astonished!)
Me: “Well, last week he counted to five, I didn’t know he could do ten.”
Barb: “I’ve been working with him on it, since Sesame Street does it, but he’s never repeated the words. Never”
Me: “Wow, all the way to ten, huh?”
Barb: “I came in from another room and had to get closer to make sure I was hearing him right. He was counting his crayons in Spanish and got all the way to ten. You know, I think he’s the smartest little boy I’ve ever had. Even smarter than Blake.” (Blake’s her son.)

On another note along these same lines, I started reading Alex a book tonight, at his request, just before bedtime. It was Curious George’s ABC’s.
Me: “Do you know what letter this is?
Alex: “A”
Me: “Right, A is for Alligator. And what’s this letter?”
Alex: “B”
Me: “Yes, B is for Ball.”
We went through the entire alphabet and he did not make a mistake until R. After that he wasn’t doing so well, but he did know W, Y, & Z. Just a few days ago I was pointing to the letters on the refrigerator and he was able to correctly identify all 4 letters in ALEX. And those are not in alphabetical order, like the book, so he has to know them by sight, not by the ABC song.

7 thoughts on “Counting again

  1. No way! He takes after his Mother. Time for Why Johnny can’t read. (Or Why Alex can’t read.)

  2. We figured out that he took after his Dad when he was late talking, since Eric’s mom said he talked late and when he started he was using full sentences. Not to mention the devilish gleam in his eye when he’s up to something. You two are in for a ride. And as Olya always says, we’re settling in to watch.