When do I rest?

Seems I can never find a minute to do things that I want to do because every spare minute that isn’t taken up with doing something related to children is a minute where I’m too exhausted to do anything else.

Yesterday was our monthly PTO meeting. So here’s how my day went:

  • Drop kids off at school
  • Arrive at work
  • Work frantically all day on what felt like a million projects but was actually only 4
  • Leave 45 min early to pick up Club Choice fundraiser order at school
  • Pick up children at school at the same time
  • Drive Beth home and drop off fundraiser order
  • Drive Alex to Taekwondo
  • Watch Taekwondo
  • Drive to McDonald’s
  • Drive home to drop off Alex, deliver food, & pickup Beth
  • Drive to school while both Beth and I eat our cheeseburgers in the car. (I left with Beth at 5:59 for the 6:00 PTO meeting. I warned them I was going to be late.)
  • Sit through 90 min PTO meeting, during which I did a 10 min talk about Scrip
  • Drive Home
  • Send email to school including the Scrip flyer that I want included in the Wed folder.
  • Send email to new principal to find out who I should notify when a Scrip order is bring delivered because an order was coming in the following day.
  • Put Beth to bed, 20 min late
  • Put Alex to bed, actually on-time
  • Collapse

Last year I volunteered to handle our Scrip program, and I’ve kept it this year. Unfortunately, due to recuperation first from my foot and then from a cold that lead to laryngitis, I really haven’t done much with it yet. We finally placed our first order yesterday morning. Really, I haven’t been doing much with this, so it’s not really the cause of my busyness. I would like to figure out where I’m going wrong because it seems I’m busier than ever and I don’t know how to fix it.

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