Taekwondo Tournament

Alex took 1st place in his group for his form today!

Just look at that great big trophy he brought home!

The day was actually pretty long, and mostly a lot of sitting around. Alex really didn’t want to watch the other rings, so even thought we arrived almost two hours before the start of our ring, we just wandered around aimlessly for a while. Then they announced they were running an hour behind. By the time they actually called us, they were an hour and a half (maybe an hour & 45 min) behind. We had sat down and started playing games on my phone!

They finally called all 9-10 year olds, Camo, Green, Purple and Blue Belts, so we headed over to the staging area where they lined them up by those that were doing the full form (Competitive) and those that were doing half form (Novice) and by boys and girls. Alex had chosen to do half his current form since it was his first tournament and he doesn’t actually know all of his form yet. He didn’t want to do his previous form because it has been 2.5 months since he did it and he was really afraid he couldn’t remember it. (He tested for his green belt at the end of August.)

There were 8 boys in his group: 1 camo, 4 green (including Alex), 2 purple and 1 blue. When he did his form, he got two 7s and an 8 out of 10 points from each judge. (One judge scores hand/arm techniques, one judge scores foot/kicking techniques, and one judge scores the form overall.) And he came in 1st! I was so proud of him!

After they did forms, they also sparred, but that part didn’t go so well. He got out in the first round. But hey, 1st place for forms his first time out!

It was about 2pm when he was finally done for the day. We grabbed some lunch and headed for home. Got home about 5:30. Having a 2.5 hour drive after all that made for a really long day.

Here’s a few pictures from today:

Getting ready to start the round:

Getting ready to begin his form:

Doing his form:

5 thoughts on “Taekwondo Tournament

  1. Way to go, Alex! What a great performance in your very first tournament. And what a large trophy to commemorate your first win!

  2. Wait to go Alex! You look very happy with that great big trophy. I am sure you will find a special place in your room for it.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. This is the 2nd time Alex entered a tournament for something he never did before, and came in first place for his group. Awesome Alex. Keep going!