Busy busy

Tonight Alex and I are heading off to Merrillville, IN. Why on earth would we do that? Well, because that’s where tomorrow’s Taekwondo tournament is. Eric and I talked Alex into going to his first tournament. He is both excited, and nervous. So am I. Hundreds of people in a high school gym, listening for your kid’s age group to be called. Not my idea of fun. But Eric has to work tomorrow morning, so it’s up to me to get Alex there. In the interest of not having to get up at 5am to make it to the tournament by 9am, we decided to get a hotel room and drive down tonight.

Hopefully the Chicago traffic won’t make me too crazy (it’s been years since I drove it myself), but I still think I’m going to be tired once we check-in and will want to veg, not write. Alex is looking forward to some “bonding time” (his words, in the car, Wed night on the way home from class), without Beth around to talk over him. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get home early enough, and have enough energy, to post some pictures and tell you how he did. We’re allowed to leave when his “ring” is done competing. I have no idea if that means an hour, or four hours! His event is schedule for 10:45, but Master Gottlieb says ATA not only stands for “American Taekwondo Association”, it also stands for “All Times Approximate”. So Alex could start earlier or later. We don’t have anything to get back for, so we’ll just go with the flow.

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