Niagara Falls, Day 3

Day 3 was Friday. We walked down to the Falls again to get some pictures. Stopped at some shops on the way back, including Hershey World. We all came home with at least 1 or two things from the Hershey store. Yum! I had souvenir money for the kids, and this was the first time I told them about it. We also went to a couple other stores and they bought a few souvenirs. And then we went to the waterpark again. Another nice, lazy(ish) day. 🙂

This time I’ll post pictures. Since I really don’t have much content.

Day 1

Cave of the Winds tour:

Hurricane Deck – Elizabeth is between me & Eric, almost not visible (photo by Jenna)

Jenna on the Hurricane Deck:


Day 2

Just a cute picture:

Eric set Alex up for this shot, without Alex figuring out what was going on:

American Falls:

Rare shot of Eric and I (with the Horseshoe Falls):

Rare shot of Jenna:

Several people posed with a very large chocolate bar:

(As I recall, the chocolate bar was $50 CAD!)

3 thoughts on “Niagara Falls, Day 3

  1. These pictures bring back great memories. Uncle Jeff and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon although it was a wee bit cooler! Life a frozen water fall! We had a great time there and from all your wonderful pictures it looks like you did too

    Love, Aunt Lynn