Niagara Falls, Day 2

Last night I got a chance to at look through our pictures. I didn’t find time to upload anything, but I looked through them. It seems we didn’t take any pictures at all on Day 2. Which is really strange.

Day 2 started out slowly, as this family is oft to do. We are not early morning people. We ate breakfast after 10am. After that we walked down to view the Falls from the Canadian side. I believe the reason we neglected to take the camera was we went straight to the Falls from breakfast. After that we wondered around “downtown” Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and ended up in an arcade for a couple of hours. Then we hit the waterpark again. Had dinner in there somewhere. Maybe even some lunch, although I know by the end of the trip we were going straight from 11am breakfast to 5pm dinners and not bothering with lunch. It wasn’t an eventful day, but it was a nice day away from home.

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