Summer day

Summer slips by so fast. So many things to do… so many distractions. This is a rundown on what happened last Sat.

Eric got up to go to the South Shore Farmer’s Market to get at least corn on the cob. Corn appears to be late this year, and only last week did our favorite grower have corn for sale. Last
week we bought some, grilled it, and it was ok. Corn was the target, but as often happens, there are usually other good things to get at the Farmer’s Market. I went to the Door County Orchard stand and saw that they still had red currants. I bought some of those, and a mix of sweet and sour cherries. The red currants will be used on a second batch of Red Pudding. The first was made for Alicia and her birthday. She really enjoys it, and red currants ripen right around her birthday. Also, nothing says “breakfast” like a hot off the grill, Caprese Brat form the meat
people. Also, it was asked that we get a large bag of popcorn for Alicia from the kettle corn people. This week, the regular guy is back. They had the B team in last week, and they just didn’t hit the mark like the regular guy. He has stated in the past, that there is mere seconds between stirring the exploding popcorn and dumping the kettle. Do it early, and you have a lot of seeds. Do it late, and you have burned popcorn. It really is an art.

After going back to the house, I quickly cut the grass on the side of the house. The front grass has been turning yellow due to a decided lack of rain this summer. The side has stayed green and growing due to the shade. We put more effort into the garden this year, and we bought some flowers. We bought another peony, a fragrant white rose bush, some red and yellow daisies, a hanging fuchsia hanging basket, and a smattering of purple flowers.

Next we pile into the car for a road trip of sorts. We stopped at a tile shop to look at samples. It was suggested that we go to this place to find the colors we want in tile. What we want is something *not* beige and *not* white/gray/black. A nice dark red like maroon would work for us. While Alex and Beth sat on stools playing with Ipads, we looked around. This tile store did have a larger and more interesting selection. They just got a new series of tiles based on Lichtenstien that really popped. (Too much color for our kitchen.) We are going to get a new floor in the kitchen, and a back-splash around the stove and sink.

After we got out tile picked out, we then headed south. South on the freeway towards the IL boarder. We were going fine until the construction started, and we slowed to a crawl. We bailed off and took the side roads. We finally arrived at the Jelly Belly factory. We’ve done the tour in the past, so we headed straight to the retail store. There was a new report of the Jelly Belly factory closing at the end of the summer, so we wanted to get one more run before we missed it. We did the mix and match jelly belly bags like usual. It is good to be able to pick exactly what you want. New flavors: champagne, and draft beer. The beer was fairly accurate, but the champagne was very good. We also got: malted milk balls, nonparellis, candy corn, and fudge of interesting flavors. When I went to pay, I asked the cashier 2 questions. I asked what is the most he rang up while working here (and no, we were not it). And then I asked about them closing the factory. It turns out they are moving the distribution center, but the store will remain. (yay!).

After this we went to a local Culver’s for lunch, and got our order in just before a busload of baseball players got in line. We took the back roads back home, which was nice and leisurely for me, but the kids were getting antsy.

When we got home, we started the corn to soak, and Shannon started to make the hamburgers. I went to the grocery store to get some buns and raspberries (for the Red Pudding). I got back, and started grilling the corn. After about 40 minutes, I did the burgers. Everything ended up cooked about the same time, and we dined al fresco on the patio. Burgers, corn on the cob, and Door County cherries. For entertainment was watched the little birds from the neighborhood swoop down and nibble the bread we threw onto the lawn. It was warm, with a light breeze. A perfect summer evening.

After dinner and cleaning up, we went to the parlor and rented Despicable Me. Shannon and I hadn’t watched it, and we wanted to get up to speed because we were planning on watching the Minions movie on Monday night. We all laughed and liked it. The kids had seen it before so it was challenging to keep them from revealing scenes before they happened.

And for the nightcap, Alex said he wanted to go see the moon with his telescope. This was a Blue Moon, and it was on the news. We all went out and took turns looking at the moon though the telescope. Because the moon was obscured by the trees, we moved across the street. It was better, but still a little blocked. So then we moved the telescope into the street. One parent looked for cars while the others took turns looking at the moon.

After that, the kids went to bed, and the parents collapsed.

3 thoughts on “Summer day

  1. Sounds like a really terrific summer day for the whole family; thank you for sharing. And for the record, Eric’s red pudding is quite possibly my favorite dessert, & it was a most delicious birthday gift! (I did not have a cake this year, but the red pudding was better than any cake I can think of anyway.) And I am likely to finish the kettle korn tonight – it’s wonderful too. Thank you!

  2. Great day and great parents! Sounds like a perfect summer day to me.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Sounds like you all had a very busy, fun day. And a long drive, since we know where the Jelly Belly store is. Did the moon look blue thru the telescope?