Talent Show

Both of my children participated in this year’s Talent Show. Appropriately they have one every year, but this is the first year that kids under 4th grade were allowed to participate. Everyone had to audition, they picked 10 acts. They had 4 practices after school, one per week for the last month, and the show was today. I left work early to attend, so I got video. 🙂 Alex went first, with his friend Jayden. Beth went last, with a group of 7 other girls from Camp Clement (after school-care).

I’m so proud of both of them. Click the pictures to view the videos.

Alex & Jayden Hula-Hooping to “Everything is Awesome”:

The “Do Re Mi” Group:

4 thoughts on “Talent Show

  1. Very nice! I am impressed by the hoola-hooping prowess! And the singing/movements!

  2. Wow! We’re impressed! Neither of us could ever hula hoop. Way to go Alex!
    And we can’t believe what a fantastic job Beth did with that song. So much to remember to do and she kept up! Great talent show by both of them.

  3. Totally cool! Your kids are both smart AND talented – and so adorable to boot. And I had no idea Alex could hula hoop so very well!

  4. Alex and Beth,

    You both did a fantastic job! Looks like you had a lot of fun performing.

    Love, Aunt Lynn