Report Cards – 3rd Grade, K5 – Trimester 2

Time for another round of report cards.

Alex is still doing 4th grade math. And possible 4th grade reading. He’s currently partway through the 4th Harry Potter book.

Beth is still surprising people with her reading. Most recently, the student teacher in her classroom. Beth has recently gotten interested in the Junie B Jones books. Although written about a Kindergartener, the reading level is more like 2nd-3rd grade. She reads them to me. Her teacher says she does what she can to keep Beth from getting bored, and sometimes she just lets her go off to play while the rest of the kids finish their assignments. She’s also able to count into the 200s. And technically probably higher, but she gets bored.

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  • AD – Advanced – Exceeding grade band expectations. We were told the student must be doing work from a higher grade level to be able to receive this grade.
  • PR – Proficiency – Meeting grade band expectations.
  • BA – Basic – Just below grade band expectations.
  • MI – Minimal – Far below grade band expectations.

3 thoughts on “Report Cards – 3rd Grade, K5 – Trimester 2

  1. Good job on the report cards, to both the kids. Alex is certainly making good progress on the Harry Potter books.

  2. Great report cards Alex and Beth. I know mom and dad are very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

    Love, Aunt Lynn