When I went into Alex’s bedroom this morning, I could tell he’d already pooped. We usually tell Alex that we have to change his diaper because he’s got “Stinky Butt”. But this morning I didn’t say anything about his diaper, just went over and said:
“Good Morning”.
“Uh-Oh”, Alex said.
“Uh-Oh, What?”, I asked.
“Stinky”, replied Alex.

Ahh, progress. That’s the first time Alex has ever mentioned the poop in his diaper without being asked first.

Tonight, he crawled up into my lap after dinner and said “Stinky”. I asked him if he had poop in his diaper and he said “Yes”. A few seconds later, the odor wafted up and confirmed it.

Maybe this is the beginning of potty training?

4 thoughts on “Stinky

  1. It sure sounds like he is now aware of what is happening. Time to read the “Using the potty” books for reinforcement. Good Luck, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I agree with Grandma and Granpa it is time to read the potty books. Hope he does well,

    Love, Aunt Lynn