Trick-or-Treat (now with pictures)

We took the kids trick-or-treating on Saturday. In Milwaukee, they always do their trick-or-treating on the Sunday afternoon (1-4) before Halloween. What fun is that? I know they’re right about it being safer because it’s daylight, but geez. Anyway, for the last four years our neighborhood has broken with that tradition and moved it to the Saturday night before Halloween. Don’t ask me why we can’t do it on Halloween. Maybe next year we will since it will be on a Saturday. So Saturday night at 5:00, I headed out of the house with my Little Bunny and my Goth Prom Queen.

Alex, of course, was in a bad mood from being woken up from his nap and absolutely refused to wear the hat that went with his costume. Since he had figured out how to take it off himself, it was impossible to keep it on him. So he looked more like a little white bear than a bunny. But at least you could tell we tried to dress him up. He cried all the way to the first house. Stopped crying to go up the steps to get candy. Then he cried all the way to the second house. Stopped crying to get candy. I was about to give up and take him back to Eric, who was handing out candy at our house. But after the second house, he was OK. Even started walking instead of riding in the stroller. We stayed out about 45 minutes, then stopped back at the house and I traded places with Eric. He took the kids out for about another 45 minutes while I handed out candy. By the time they got back it was getting pretty chilly because the sun was down and Alex was starting to get cranky. There was only an hour left anyway, and both kids had quite a stash.

So at that point we attempted to walk over to the park, where we had heard there were 400 Jack-O’-Lanterns all lit up and then we were going to walk over and pick up dinner. We got about through almost 3 of the 6 blocks to the pumpkins, Alex crying in the stroller the whole time, before we gave up and went back home. I stayed with Alex and went back to handing out candy while Eric and Jenna went to pick up dinner. Alex was probably cranky because he was hungry because once they got back, he came right over and ate dinner with us. It was 7:00, but I had given him a snack before we went out. And there are plenty of nights that he doesn’t even eat dinner. (Last night we didn’t get to the restaurant until 7:00 and not only did he not cry beforehand, he was really good while we were there – and he barely ate anything!) So I would never have suspected he was hungry.

Pictures to come, but I haven’t gotten them off the camera yet, so I’ll add them later.

Goth Prom Queen:

Little Bunny – This one was actually taken the night before Trick-or-Treating when Alex and I attended WLC’s “Trick-or-Treat in the Halls”:

This one was taken when Eric brought the kids back (notice he still has no hat):

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  1. Good save on the pictures since we were going to ask where they were! Can’t wait to see the Goth prom queen!