I’ve got pictures, pictures everywhere! As usual, we had the kids pictures taken at JCPenney’s in January. Then on March 1st, they got their pictures taken for Taekwondo. (Beth started Taekwondo in Jan,) I got a little behind (OK, more than a little!), so I never mailed out the first set. The second set I just got today. I do hope to mail them out in a week or two – but I have to get prints made first. In the meantime, I’ll do two more posts after this one with all the pictures.

If anyone has any favorite pictures, send me an email or just comment which ones you like and I’ll try to send you what you picked.

Please note! The emails came from my old email address, even thought I thought I changed it. Apparently I missed something. If you email me, don’t respond to the post notification. (I’ll try to remember to check the other email, but I might forget if you don’t respond in the next week or so.)

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