Corn on the cob

Today we gave Alex his first try at eating corn while still on the cob. I saw a picture this week of a not-quite-two year old girl eating right off the cob, and her mother said she would eat the whole thing that way, so I thought, why not give it a try? So I put the holders in the end and gave him the whole cob:

After his first few tentative tries, he ended up eating over 2/3 of the cob:

In the middle of eating the corn, Alex decided to serve himself a brat:

Little, by little, he’s getting more self-sufficient. Last Tuesday, we stopped at McDonald’s and I decided to get him his own cheeseburger. When we got home with the food, I put the burger on the plate with the fries to see what he would do with it. He started out taking the smallest nibbles know to man-kind. But after an hour, I went back by him, and there was only about 1/4 of the burger left on the table. A half-hour later, I couldn’t find any evidence of it. He had another burger in the car yesterday on the way to the zoo, and in the 25 minutes it took to get there, he ate the whole burger.

3 thoughts on “Corn on the cob

  1. It’s about time you introduced that young man to McDonalds–after all you and your sisters all grew up on burgers and fries. Next step is a doublecheeseburger. Tell him that’s Grandpa’s favorite. And good job on the corn on the cob and brat Alex. Love Grandpa

  2. I’m surprised he ate Brat. Most little children won’t even try it. Looks like he enjoys his food. Maybe he will grow up to run a McDonald’s like his grandpa…how about that mom!

    Love, Aunt Lynn