Report Cards – 3rd Grade, K5 – Trimester 1

Reports Cards came while I was sick. So needless to say that while I gushed over them to the kids, I never got around to posting them.

This is from a post last year:

The big thing for this conference is the explanation that they are changing the grading system from the traditional letter grade system to a “Standards Based” system. And that they only get 3 report cards per year instead of 4 now.

  • AD – Advanced – Exceeding grade band expectations. We were told the student must be doing work from a higher grade level to be able to receive this grade.
  • PR – Proficiency – Meeting grade band expectations.
  • BA – Basic – Just below grade band expectations.
  • MI – Minimal – Far below grade band expectations.

Note below that both Alex and Beth received the AD grade! We were told at conferences that she wanted to get Alex doing 4th grade math, but we didn’t know for sure until report cards that she actually did it. I love this teacher! I am so very proud of both my children!

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3 thoughts on “Report Cards – 3rd Grade, K5 – Trimester 1

  1. Great report cards from both of them. Sorry it took so long to answer. We kept forgetting to look at them on the big computer so we could actually see them.