{Belated} Merry Christmas

Wow. It’s really been a while, hasn’t it? I had fully intended to do NaBloPoMo in November. Then I ended up working overtime at work to hit a deadline and I was just too tired for anything else. Then Dec rolled around. Holidalies anyone? I thought about it. One day blended into the next and Dec 8th hit and I got the flu and I’ve been sick ever since. Going to the doctor again today because the congestion in my throat affecting my voice just will not clear. I’ve got several potential posts lined up, so hopefully I’ll get them posted in the coming days.

So, Christmas. Christmas came very quickly this year. And losing a week to the flu really did not help with that. I had *most* of the kids presents by the time I got sick, so that was good. But there were a few little stragglers that did not get handled until very late. One of Beth’s gifts was delivered on Dec 23rd. I wrapped several gifts on the 24th, which I never do anymore. Drives me crazy to not be ready by then. But, honestly, I was to tired to care this year. But, in spite of the last minute wrapping, we pulled off Christmas with hardly a hitch.

We put the tree up on Dec 14th. The kids got their traditional ornaments from Grandma & Grandpa.

Beth got Elsa from Frozen:

Alex got a train engine and car:

Christmas morning we called Alicia, as we have for several years now so she can come over for present opening. Then we called my parents. They had a little difficulty getting Skype going because it forced them to upgrade, but they got it going in the nick of time and were able to watch the kids open presents. The kids were very, very animated this year! The rest of Christmas was kinda a quiet lazy day. Kids played with toys, I made dinner, we all just lazed around. Good times! 🙂

Here’s what Alex & Beth got this year (Jenna hasn’t opened hers yet):



The kids seem to like their presents. More to come on that… 😉

5 thoughts on “{Belated} Merry Christmas

  1. The kids were definitely wired this year. We especially enjoyed Beth’s glee over getting a box! Both kids definitely enjoyed opening presents this year. Barb’s sugar infusion from the 24th had a long lasting affect.

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. The kids make quite a haul. It is fun when they are little.

  3. Aunt Carole – It is fun when they’re little! Jenna’s few gifts aren’t nearly as interesting.

    G&G – I wonder how much sugar Barb gave them? They were bouncing off the walls for days!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like the kids had a wonderful Christmas. We are so fortunate that all our grandchildren live in the same state as us. We get to see them unwrap everything and are included in all chaos! I know your parents love watching them in Skype. We love it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you
    Love, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lynn