The Little Plane That Could… Or maybe it couldn’t

AKA: 2008 Ohio Visit – Unexpected Day 9

So this morning I got up at 6:30 to get ready for our plane trip home. By 8:40, Alex and I were through the empty ticket counter, through the empty security line and sitting at our gate for our 10:25 flight. Alex was watching his Blue’s Clues DVD. We’re supposed to board at 10:10. At 10:15 they told us they were still doing a maintenance check and we should be boarding in about 15 minutes. 20 minutes later they tell us the flight has been canceled due to a dent in the plane. 10 minutes after that they tell us that they are checking it again to see if they can fly after all and they say it will take about 20 minutes. 15 minutes later they say, yep it’s canceled, and they’re booking us on other flights.

By the time I can process this, everyone else is lined up at the counter with their bags. I get things packed up, move the DVD player to a chair near the counter, strapped Alex into the stroller in front of it and and asked if anyone would mind letting me go first because of Alex. No one protested. At 12:30 I called my husband for the sixth time to tell him that we were going back to Mom & Dad’s for the night and our flight was at 2:40 the next day. Then I called my parents for the 4th time to tell them that we were going to grab some lunch on the voucher they gave us and then we’d be waiting for them. The next direct flight out would have been at 5:10 pm and I couldn’t face 5 more hours at the airport with a toddler. And only 1 more diaper.

So we get to spend another night at Mom and Dad’s and we leave tomorrow afternoon. I took a nap this afternoon 20 minutes before Alex did. Aunt Leigh got to put him down for his nap. He only tried once to get out of his room, but they had put the gate up already. As they made it into the kitchen, Mom and Leigh heard “Oh no, I’m stuck.” Then he went back to bed and took his nap.

2 thoughts on “The Little Plane That Could… Or maybe it couldn’t

  1. That makes for a very long day and I’m sure a very frustrating one. I hope you have better luck tomorrow. Let us know when you arrive home safely. Love Aunt Mary Ellen