We’re in trouble…

We have started a routine with Beth when we part ways. After saying good-bye, Beth will come running up and say, “Huggy! Kissy!”. I’ll give her an extra hug and kiss and then leave.

Shannon has started to help Clement Avenue School a little more by joining the Parent Teacher Organization. She has decided to revive the Scrips Gift Card program to help raise funds for the school. During “Harvest Fest” last Tuesday, she manned a table and took orders. We drove there in one car, because parking can be hard to find when there are school functions. Shannon called for me to come get her.

Since it was less than a mile away, and it was going to be a surgical strike in-and-out, and the kids were occupied, I decided to leave the kids at the house and get Shannon. I did give one last warning before departing however:

“I’m going to get mom. I’ll be back in 5 minutes. I don’t want any crying, screaming, or bleeding. I don’t want the house on fire, or anything broken. Got it?” I get two distracted yeses in reply.

I open the door to leave when Beth comes running up.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

“Yes Beth?”

“I just want to apologize in advance for when you get home.”

Five. She is saying this at five. We’re in trouble….

3 thoughts on “We’re in trouble…

  1. Good one! We feel so sorry for the two of you! We’re still laughing at you, but we do have lots of sympathy for you, in advance for when you hit the teenage years.

  2. Remind me to teach her the phrase “Daddy, do we have full replacement insurance on the house”?