Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Trick or Treating was tonight, so we’re all dressed up and out on the street. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was over 60 degrees! Most people were sitting outside their houses on the steps.

Mom made Beth’s dress and cape. We think Elizabeth was the prettiest Elsa out there! (And Jenna counted 30 of them! Plus 5 Olafs and 3 Annas.)

Queen Elsa:

Steath Ninja:

Dr Who:

All of us:

Once we got back, the kids handed out the rest of the candy:

And let’s not forget the picture taken by one of the houses down the street: Click here Very helpful for families who didn’t have anyone to take a group shot, or don’t have a camera at all.

One thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. Everyone looks fantastic! Jenna’s Dr. Who came out Great. Love the glasses. Alex strikes a great Ninja pose. And of course we agree with you. Beth has to be the prettiest Elsa ever!