2008 Ohio Visit – Day 7

Alex let me sleep in. It was 7:22 when we left the bedroom. At one point during the night, I saw him coming towards me, but he suddenly turned abound and got back into his bed. A little later, he did crawl in with me, but fell asleep almost immediately.

Mom and Dad took Alex to the park by themselves so I could get some quiet time. After they got back, we got out the wooden train set that they bought for him, but hadn’t opened yet. The train was a huge hit! I truly cannot believe how many hours (yes, hours!) he played with that set. He probably played with it exclusively for at least two hours before he finally started playing with the train along with other toys. Just after dinner he was bringing me the train segments so I could put them together and he could run it off the end of the table. Then repeat. At the end of the night, he was still playing with it.

At dinner, Alex discovered that the light over the table was creating a shadow behind him. He turned around and was doing things with his hands and arms and watching the shadows. Suddenly he stands up and puts one leg over the side of the high-chair. Mom grabbed him. He then put that foot down and put the other foot over the other side of the chair. Mom then realized he was still watching the shadow. He repeated that motion about 5 times before he got bored with it.

One thought on “2008 Ohio Visit – Day 7

  1. I always knew kids liked to “play” with their shadow, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as young as Alex “dancing” in his chair.