Axis and Allies

Last weekend, Shannon took Beth to a friend’s house for the weekend. They have recently purchased a cabin, and they were invited for an all girls weekend. Jenna went to Richland Center to go to the county fair and see people who she doesn’t get to see often. (Oh, does every one know Jenna moved in with us to go to college at Milwaukee Area Technical College?)

So, it was going to be just Alex and myself, for the whole weekend. I think this may have been the first all guys weekend as well. What to do? What would men do on a free weekend? Drinking? Gambling? Steak dinner? Tattoos? Ok, that be too much for an 8 year old. So we settled on a more nerd-centric pursuit: Axis and Allies.

For the non-gamers out there, Axis and Allies is a board game that simulates the fighting and economics of WWII. There can be from 2 to 5 players, each playing a country, but they are divided into (you guessed it) The Axis side (Germany and Japan), and the Allies (Russia, Britian, and the US). In some ways it is like a more sophisticated version of Risk. Take territory, get more money, make more fighting units, repeat until world domination. The game itself has many little plastic pieces that not only represent a type of unit (like a Fighter plane), but they also have gone to the lengths of making different types of units based on the country. (Why yes, that *is* a P-38 Lightning sitting on that carrier!) To see all the tanks, ships and planes set up for the start of the game, is a heady nerd moment that even Jenna finds hard to resist.

So Alex and myself would be distraction free for an entire weekend. This was going to be good.

We set up on Friday night and started to play. We called it quits about 10pm. Alex came into my room at 6am to ask me if I was awake. I mumbled to give me a little time, and I got up at 7am. We played when Alex wanted, and took a break when he wanted. But overall, we probably played for 8 hours over Friday night, and all day Saturday. I heard the weather was very nice that day. Outside of checking mail, we saw none of it. We even ordered pizza delivered for dinner, and used a break to eat it.

Alex played pretty well over all. It is always interesting to see someone new try a different stategy. Alex liked to build factories and fighters as the Allied side. The highlight of Alex’s play was definitely the capture of the German capital. As Britian, he saw an opportunity to stike the heart of Germany, and seized it! A few transports with a few units, and an armada of fighters, and the Tommies are marching on the Reichstag! Although Germany was looted of cash for loosing it’s capitol, a quick counter attack, and things were under control again. I don’t think Alex realizes what a coup this was, but I’m sure it will be memerable for the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Axis and Allies

  1. After watching Alex play chess with you, we’re not surprised that he is up to playing this game. Sounds like you both had a great “guys weekend.” Maybe you should kick the girls out more often.