2008 Ohio Visit – Day 6

This morning started early. Somewhere at least an hour (maybe longer) before 3:15am Alex crawled into bed with me. At 3:15 I went to the bathroom and decided that since Alex was sound asleep, I’d move him back to his bed. Around 6:30 he was back up and we were in the living room by 6:45, in spite of my efforts to get him to go back to sleep. I now know what is playing on Playhouse Disney at 6:30 (5:30 central) in the morning – The Doodlebops – yuk! I had already found out that The Wiggles start at 7:00 – double yuk! We had figured that since we wanted to get a fairly early start, this would be the morning that Alex slept in. No such luck.

By 8:55 we were out the door to head for Aunt Mary Ellen’s for a visit. We were dropping the dog off at my grandparent’s house for the day, then stopping to pick up some Children’s Benadryl for Alex, since he has been developing a runny nose that had gotten pretty bad overnight. Then we stopped at the Carter’s outlet between here and Aunt Mary Ellen’s to buy some non-skid socks for Alex, because I had been having trouble finding ones I liked. Alex finally fell asleep in the car between the outlet store and Aunt Mary Ellen’s, and slept for about 45 minutes.

We arrived at Aunt Mary Ellen’s just after 11am. Her daughter, Nikki, was there with her new baby, Chase, and shortly thereafter Aunt Mary Ellen’s daughter-in-law, Veronica, arrived with her new baby, Lincoln. Lincoln is 6 days older than Chase. We had a very good visit. Alex was very good at entertaining himself with the toys, opening and closing the doors to the den, crawling into the baby-bouncer, playing with the swing, walking around the house in a circle, sometimes pushing the baby stroller carrying Teddy, sometimes not, and trying to pet the dog. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Just before we left, Aunt Mary Ellen’s son-in-law, Chad, dropped off 6 month old Reece for a visit. So we got to see all three of Aunt Mary Ellen’s newest grandchildren. In spite of all the activity, Alex waited until we were five minutes from home to fall asleep. It was an hour and a half drive home. He woke up when the car stopped and although he was very sleepy and I put him to bed, he was out in the kitchen within five minutes.

Great Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner. Before dinner, Alex spent time playing toys with Great-Grandpa while Great-Grandma watched. After dinner, Great-Grandpa was doing dishes while Great-Grandma sat at the kitchen table with Alex making a mess with blocks under her feet.

After they left, we took Alex and the dog for a short walk. Alex helped for a little while and then started dropping the leash. When we tried to take the leash away, he stopped doing in for a few more minutes, but then did it again. We headed for home. We put in the Curious George DVD, which is is favorite, and used that to wind him down for the night. He went to bed at his usual time, with no fuss, as usual.

2 thoughts on “2008 Ohio Visit – Day 6

  1. Shannon, I enjoyed your visit very much. Thank you for taking the time to come see me. I am glad that Nikki and Veronica could be here too. I know you don’t know your cousins very well but it is nice to have you together even if it was only for a short time. ANYTIME you come to Ohio, let me know – I’ll come see you too. Love Aunt Mary Ellen