2008 Ohio Visit – Day 3

This morning did not start as early as yesterday. 7:30 I woke up and sensed something. Sure enough, I opened my eyes and there was Alex, standing next to the bed with his face a few inches from mine. Good thing I sensed him or he would have scared the crap out of me!

We had decided that we would take Alex to the park in the morning again to try and wear him out so that he would take an early nap. It worked. We hit the same park and he started out on the same big-kid equipment. Up the bars that are too big for him over and over and over. Then he saw another kid go up a different way, so he wanted to try. He finally got up, with a lot of help from Grandpa, but he must not have liked it because he didn’t go back again. A little later a kid went across the top of some bars from one section to the other, so of course Alex had to try it to. He was standing on the bars, totally above my head, with Grandpa on one side and me on the other. He made it across, but didn’t try it again. At one point he gained a friend. Another little boy who looked to be maybe a year older started following Alex up the bars and down the slide. When we went to another part of the park, the kid’s father tried to keep him there, but finally gave up and just followed him while the boy followed Alex. They had a lot of fun playing follow the leader until the other boy bumped his head. Twice.

We got back home from the park and made lunch. Alex wanted a hot dog. Then he proceeded to eat his strawberries, ignore his hot dog and say “more pizza bite,” mooching pizza off of me. Then we put him down for a nap. About 10 minutes later, we hear him playing with the doorknob and thought we heard his little feet heading towards us, but when we checked, he was still in his room. Two hours later we decided to get ready to leave for Aunt Carole’s house. I was going to go in and change my clothes, figuring that would wake Alex up slowly. I go to the door and find out the knob won’t turn. It was locked. Once we stopped laughing, Mom went and found the key and let me in. Alex probably thought he had to unlock the door to open it, and locked himself in.

We headed off to Aunt Carole’s. Alex almost immediately mooches food off of a relative he’s never met. Apparently, he’s outgrowing the shyness. Then he disappeared into a back room with a bunch of kids and didn’t resurface for quite some time. Other than when he brought toys into the living room (and got sent back into the playroom with them), and once or twice when we investigated screaming, I have almost no idea what Alex was doing during the next 5 hours. When we sat down to eat, he did come out and eat some food off my plate, and stole some food off of Uncle Dick’s plate. I’ve never spent so much time in a building with my son and seen so little of him! Even though he was the youngest, the other kids were really good with him.

One thought on “2008 Ohio Visit – Day 3

  1. {quote} I have almost no idea what Alex was doing during the next 5 hours {/quote}

    and isn’t it a great feeling? *grins*