2008 Ohio Visit – Day 2

Today my day started out very early. 4:45 to be exact. I woke up when I heard Alex moving around in his bed. My back was to him. Then I heard the patter of little feet on the floor. I just waited while Alex stood next to me. Then he finally poked me in the back. I turned over and got him into bed with me. He laid for few minutes, then he got out of bed. He went to get his blankie and wanted back into bed. He laid for about 5 minutes or so and then got then he got squirmy and started whining. I found his bunny and gave it to him. Found the blankie and went looking for teddy. No teddy. I figured out that he had dropped teddy down the side of the bed. Once I rescued Teddy, Alex went right to sleep and we sleep until 8:30.

Got up in the morning and hung out until Mom and Dad got up. We headed to the park about 10:30. This park has about 8 different jungle-gyms. Some toddler sized, most not. Alex of course headed straight for the biggest piece of equipment, in spite of our attempts to steer him another direction. I ended up going up the stairs with him while Dad went to the bottom of the slides and Mom took pictures. There was a moving bridge that Alex wouldn’t go over until I took his hand. The second time I had to hold his hand again. The third time he finally went over by himself.

By the time we were done with the park, Alex had gone on every piece of equipment and most of the slides, some of the many, many times. Plus he had gone up this set of bars that really were not suitable for his age. He would go up the bars, me holding on the whole time.

Then he’d go down the slide, then run around the equipment the long way to go back up the same set of bars. He did this about 10 times before we finally coaxed him into going somewhere else.

We came home and had lunch. Alex did not eat much. Leigh came home and made herself a peanut butter and banana sandwich. She sits down on the couch, and Alex sits down next to her. She asks him if he wants a bite. He says yes. She held out the sandwich and he takes a bite. We asked her if she was planning to share her sandwich and she said “only the crusts with the dog”.

Sometime after lunch I gave Alex some popcorn, which he loves. He was almost done with it when he decided to brush some crumbs off the footstool onto the floor. Lucky the dog immediately came over to scarf it up. Alex looked at him and then quite deliberately pulled a piece of popcorn out of the bowl and threw it onto the floor in front of Lucky and said “Here you go”. Then another piece. Then he took the whole bowl and dumped the remaining contents onto the floor right in front of the dog and again said “Here you go”.

Dad fell asleep before he left for work. When he started snoring, Alex immediately stopped what he was doing to look at him. Then he went to stand at the end of dad’s feet to watch and see if the sound would repeat, which it didn’t.

Alex did not end up in my bed for his nap since I put the suitcase under the bed where he couldn’t get to it.

We went to my grandparents house after dinner tonight. Alex was as good as gold the whole time. He warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa very quickly. He played Lego with Grandpa and then was playing catch with Grandma. He kept trying to let the dog in by opening the back door. Thankfully the screen door was latched at the top so he couldn’t actually open it. Then Mom went to get some treats for the dog for Grandma to give Lucky. What ended up happening is that Alex sat on Mom’s lap, who gave the treat to Alex, who then gave the treat to Lucky. A few times he did try to get Lucky to “sit pretty”, but most of the time Lucky did it because Mom said it trying to get Alex to repeat it.

When we left Alex very obediently gave them both, Grandma and Grandpa, a kiss good-bye and then said “bye”.

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