Teddy & Bunny were AWOL

Last Sunday night, as I was putting Alex to bed, he couldn’t find Teddy and Bunny. I couldn’t remember seeing them in the past few days. Eric’s last memory was Fri morning when he dropped them off at Barb’s. We searched everywhere we could think of. Beth was already in bed. No Teddy and Bunny. Alex had difficulty falling asleep that night. After 30 minutes, he came out of his room. I ended up tying a ribbon around another bear that he had. He finally went to sleep.

Fri morning was the last confirmed sighting. I had put Alex to bed on Fri night and didn’t remember seeing them. Eric put him to bed Sat and didn’t remember seeing them. Mon morning, since the kids were at Camp Clement, I called Barb to see if maybe he had left them at her house on Friday. Barb hadn’t seen them. She looked around during the day and had not found them by 4pm. I called our neighbor, Sue, to see if maybe he left them there over the weekend. Nope. Alex searched again when he got home. Beth checked her room. Nada.

Monday night I’m putting Beth to bed. I lean into her tent to kiss her good night, and there’s Bunny, laying next to her pillow. Teddy was under her pillow. Thinking back, I remember Beth saying, after she checked her room, “I looked in my room, even under my pillow.” Which I did think was a strange statement at the time. I asked Beth why Teddy and Bunny were in her bed and why she didn’t give them to Alex when we were frantically searching for them. She said that she wanted to help Alex stop sucking his thumb and he had said that he only sucks his thumb when he has Bunny and Teddy, so she hid them from him. In her defense, he had asked me hide them the previous weekend. But I gave them back at bedtime!

I called Barb and Sue to tell them that the stuffed animals had been found. And I made Beth apologize in the morning. While her goal was admirable, her methods were not.

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