2008 Ohio Visit – Day 1

Yesterday Alex and I flew to Ohio to visit my parents, along with any family we could muster up. So I got up at 5am to get ready for our 7:40 flight. Eric dropped us off at the airport. At that point I had to maneuver one suitcase, one diaper bag, one DVD player, one carseat/stroller and one toddler to the ticket counter to drop off our single piece of checked baggage. Fortunately I had borrowed a carseat that has wheels that fold out so you can also use it as a stroller, which cut down on the amount of stuff to carry. Alex was strapped into that and the suitcase was on wheels, so while it was awkward, it was definitely doable.

Alex was very good the whole trip. We got the the gate and were sitting around waiting for the plane to be boarded. Alex made friends with a nice college girl sitting across from us. She was talking to him, and he crawled up into the chair next to her. Then he got down and found a pen. She was working on something, so she turned over her paper and they were drawing on the paper, her with her pen, and Alex with his, cap still on. She was quite surprised when Alex figured out how to take the cap off of his pen. They called the plane to be boarded and I found out that instead of being able to walk out the door and up a ramp onto a plane just outside the door, we had to walk out the door, past two planes to the third plane and then walk up the stairs into the plane. I had decided that it would be easier at this point to collapse the stroller and make Alex walk. It was a very long walk when you’re carrying a carseat and holding the hand of a very slowly walking child. Fortunately, the stewardess helped me get Alex up the last half of the stairs, when we finally got there.

The flight went well. Alex was a little annoyed when I initially strapped him into the carseat in the plane, but he calmed down pretty quick. We were playing with the little door that goes up and down to block the window. Once we got into the flight, I got the DVD player out and he was good for the next 25-30 minutes. Then I was tickling him for the last 15 minutes when I had to turn it off. He was as good as gold getting him off the plane, which fortunately we just had to walk down the ramp and into the building without going outside. I called Mom and Dad and within 3 minutes of us getting outside with out luggage, they were there. Dad got out to help get us into the car, and Alex cried when I had to hand him to Dad so I could collapse the stroller into a carseat again. He stopped crying while I strapped him in, but then started crying again when I closed the door and walked away to get in the other side. But once we got home, Alex followed Dad into the house without any regard for where Mommy was.

Within an hour of getting here, every toy in the living room was spread out on the floor. Alex was particularly enthralled with a cash register that dates back to when I was a child. Then he moved onto the circus train, which was originally bought for his Aunt Leigh. Then he moved onto the train that mom and dad bought last year. It has a track that you put together and then the train moves around it. Only Alex kept putting the other circus train on it. Then things would get stuck. Then Alex did something totally unexpected. He piled up a bunch of toys on the track. The moving train came around and got stuck. Alex took that train and rammed it into the pile of toys!

Then we put Alex down for his nap. They pulled out the trundle bed without raising it, so it was about the same height as Alex’s toddler bed. I was going to sleep in the upper bed. We put Alex to bed, scoped out the room quick for things he could get into, closed the door and left. About an hour and a half later, I decided to get something from the suitcase. There’s Alex, butt in the air, sleeping right on the end of my bed. Not his bed, my bed, that is many, many more inches higher. He must have used the suitcase to get up there.

So much for toddler-proofing. We ended up trying to move him back to his bed because I was really afraid he’d roll over and fall out, since he’s not used to a bed with no sides. He of course, woke up, but in spite of that, he wasn’t too bad the rest of the night.

For dinner we had meatloaf. Alex does not always eat well, so I don’t have high expectations of him. Mom put ketchup on his plate, which I don’t do because last time I gave him something to dip in, he dipped his fingers in and deliberately spread it down my shirt. Anyway, he ate every bite of his meatloaf, with every one of them dipped in ketchup. At one point I was trying to get him to eat his corn, and when I asked if he would eat it with ketchup he said yes. So I dipped it in ketchup and sure enough, he ate it.

2 thoughts on “2008 Ohio Visit – Day 1

  1. Welcome to Cleveland. Crashing toys into another thing is a typical boy thing. When he gets a little older you will get sound effects to go with the crash.