Yet another injury

At least this time we didn’t end up in the emergency room.

Last night Eric was playing with Alex on the landing of the stairs. That was not a good place to play, so he picked Alex up to relocate to the bottom of the stairs. Alex thew a fit when Eric put him down and flung himself on the floor. Unfortunately, he then decided to roll himself violently onto his stomach. In the process, his forehead hit one corner of the octagon table. Much, much crying ensued. Strangely, even though he has a small cut, it didn’t bleed much. We put some ice on it for a few minutes to try and avoid too much swelling, but Alex never likes that, so it wasn’t on for as long as we would have liked. After that, Alex kept reaching up and scratching at the cut, so I finally had to put a band-aid on it. Nice bright Ronald McDonald band-aid. Unfortunately that made it hard for us to see how much it was swelling. He was very cranky the rest of the night and someone had to hold him constantly until about 10 minutes before we put him to bed.

I took the band-aid off this morning and it didn’t swell too much, only little, but he does have a bruise and a small cut. Before we took him to daycare, I put some Neosporin on the cut and put a smaller, more discreet band-aid on it. We’ll see if he still has it at the end of the day.

One thought on “Yet another injury

  1. poor little guy! i hope you and Eric are not as traumatized this time around, either…

    from my experience with Damien, forehead wounds swell and bleed a lot less than other head wounds….