Hockey Game

Every year, if the kids turn in all their reading logs from Sep thru Feb, they earn a free ticket to a Milwaukee Admiral’s game. You have to buy at least 1 adult ticket for them to go. It’s on a specific night and everyone from the school sits in the same section. The school also does a meal and provides a bus, but we’ve always preferred to take a car so we can leave earlier than then rest of the group if needed. I had taken Alex to the hockey game in the past, but this was Shannon and Beth’s first game ever.

The game was supposed to start at 7:00, so we decided to eat at Miss Katie’s Dinner before the game. After that, we would park in Shannon’s parking garage, and walk the 5 blocks to the Bradley Center. Why pay for parking, when you can get it for free?

The game was on Friday March 28th, and we decided to head out about 6pm. Driving downtown on a Friday night is not typical for us these days, and we were a bit surprised by how much traffic there was. When we got to the diner, we found that parking was at a premium. When we have gone there at other times, we would park right in front. But that day, there were no visible open spots, and had to park half a block away. We walk in, and the place is packed. There is one booth left by the door, and we take it. It looks like there is only 2-3 waitresses for the entire restaurant. Methinks we under estimated how much time we will need before the game starts.

Miss Katie’s Dinner is on 19th and Clybourn, and it is on a hill that overlooks the Menomonee Valley. Beth sat with Momma, and Alex sat with me. Beth looked out the large window overlooking the valley and freeway and said, “I can see Barbie’s house from here!” Beth calls Barb, our daycare lady, Barbie.

Alex seems to have an extra dose of squirm, as he was bouncing, turning, and generally not sitting still. (Usually, it is Beth who has Ants in her Pants.) At one point, a lady who was leaving, stopped at our table and bent down. She saw that Alex had dropped his hat on the floor, and picked it up for him. I told Alex to say thank you, and he did.

After ordering drinks, ordering food, an obligitory Beth bathroom break, getting food, eating food, and getting the check, we were less than 10 minutes in front of 7pm. We had come to the conclusion that we were going to miss a few minutes at the start of the game.

We got in the car trying to get to Shannon’s parking garage as quickly as possible. When I was in college, I worked downtown delivering pizzas. I knew the main street would not be the fastest way to get there. I took the road less traveled, and we were able to travel 24 blocks in less than 5 minutes. We parked in Shannon’s parking garage and beat feet to the game.

We got there and into our seats before the game started. We were helped by the fact that the Admirals had a ceremony acknowledging the trainer who had been with the team for 40 years. We ended up in a corner of the rink, close enough to be below the glass. Alex was greeted by other kids from his school. Beth saw her teacher Ms. Haug and her clan.

Alex was told a secret by the school librarian, Miss W. During one of the intermissions, Miss W. would get to participate in a contest in which she would be a human hockey puck! They got a giant slingshot, strung the rubber bands across the rink, put the contestant on a plastic saucer, and had 3 men pull them back and let `em go! At the other end, they set up plastic stands like bowling pins, and you had to do your best to knock them down as you *flew* across the rink. She competed against 2 other people. She managed to knock all of her pins down, and the crowd voted with their applauce. She won! (Video below)

For her trouble, she took home a package of Heat and Eat rice.

Although the kids were getting a little cranky towards the end, they made it for the entire game. The Admirals came from behind to win it 4-3.

2 thoughts on “Hockey Game

  1. It sounds like this was a good, if slightly frantic, night for everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the game. We always enjoyed going to see the Dayton Flyers play. (about a million years ago)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are creating some wonderful memories the children.
    Love, Aunt Lynn