Three boys

My best friend Olya delivered her third child early this morning. If she could have held out one more day, I could have shared a birthday with him. But that’s OK, I don’t wish 24 hours of labor on anyone. 3 hours, 30 minutes from hospital arrival to delivery. Go Olya! Now if I can just beat her time…. Mom & Baby are doing fine.

This is her 3rd son. Name: Xavier Michael. Considering how different this pregnancy was from her first two, we really thought it was a girl. Goes to show, you just can’t tell until they’re born. All I want is a healthy baby, not matter what the sex.

19 thoughts on “Three boys

  1. I fully expect you to hold that child inside until January 25th. This is not negotiable.

  2. It is! I know three people from our family with that birthday, and only one on the 25th. Come on, Shan, you promised me a birthday present.

  3. She’s right, you did promise her a birthday present. She likes to get presents early though!

  4. Children! Play nice together.

    And I did not promise you a birthday present. In fact, last I knew we didn’t buy each other birthday presents. If we’re changing that protocol (and I can be persuaded), then I fully expect a birthday present to arrive on my porch tomorrow!

  5. I vote you hold off until February 26th and give me a birthday present. But then again, I wouldn’t wish 10 months of pregnancy on anyone. Love, Daddy

  6. No way I’m waiting until Feb 26th. Nine months was more than enough last time, and I’m sure it will be more than enough this time.

    OK, Leigh, then my “home made” present still better show up tomorrow.

  7. How about you wait a week, and I’ll give it to you in person? That way I can see the excitement on your face when you open whatever thing I managed to cobble together in a week. 🙂

  8. Works for me! That just means you have to stay pregnant an extra week. That won’t bother me at all!