Where did they go?

Yesterday Alex got up from his nap about 10 minutes after Eric left with Jenna to take her back to her mom. About a half-hour previous, Alex had woken up. I sent Jenna up to get him, but she misunderstood and coaxed him into going back to sleep. So I went upstairs to get him when he cried again. When I asked if he wanted to go downstairs, he was very enthusiastic. When we got to the bottom of the steps, he looked around and said “Where did they go? Jenna?” I had to tell him that Jenna had to go back home and that he would see her again next time.

I hope Alex likes his younger sibling as much as he likes his older sister.

3 thoughts on “Where did they go?

  1. That’s so adorable. Wait ’til he gets older and starts asking when she’s finally leaving, or better yet, can she take baby sibling with her!