Ultrasound #3

The third ultrasound was today. Eric went with me for this one. When we first started, the baby was facing outward and we got a pretty good shot of the legs all stretched out. Didn’t look to close and we asked her not to tell us the sex of the baby, so we didn’t spend much time there. About half-way through, the baby turned upwards and curled his/her legs up. She said the baby weighed about 6oz and was about 16cm long (~6 inches)

The pictures are below. They are all very similar, being taken after the baby turned, but in the third one, you can see a blob next to the baby’s mouth. Its’ a hand. We got to see the baby’s arm bent up towards it’s mouth, causing it to look like it was sucking his/her thumb. Unfortunately, the arm didn’t show up in the picture. Hello, Alex #2.

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