Alex closed the dishwasher all by himself today. I was unloading dishes while he played with the dishes still in it. When there was nothing left in it, and I was unloading silverware from the rack, Alex closed the door.

3 thoughts on “Closing

  1. just wait until he starts closing the dishwasher WHILE you are unloading dishes 😉 I have become very adept at holding the door down with my foot while obsessive-compulsive Damien shrieks “close!” and pulls it up (Damien also closes the garbage cans at daycare, with a very disapproving “close!”). Oh, the things to look forward to 🙂

  2. Oh, he’s been doing that for a while. He would get it up far enough to roll the rack back in. He just wasn’t able to close it all the way. Fortunately, I usually have the opportunity to unload the dishwasher after he goes to bed. 😉

  3. Yep, today he was on a mission to get the dishwasher close. He’d push in the racks, I’d pull them back out. We did that about 10 times before I finally finished. Why did I try to unload while he was awake?