Circus Time!

We took the kids to the circus on Friday, March 7th. They seemed to have a good time. Our seats were three rows back, which surprised me even though I was the one who picked out and bought the tickets. It wasn’t quite what I expected though.

The first thing we did was get some “dinner”. Alex got a soft pretzel, Beth got nachos, and Eric and I got brats. We found our seats and sat down to eat. As we ate, we could survey what was going on down in the rings. They were set up with camel rides, elephant rides, bounce houses and face painting. All for a price, of course. We managed to keep the kids from going down because we could see the prices for stuff, and the lines were really long.

About 15 minutes before the show, they started packing up. The show started about 7:45 and the “first half” went until 9:05. The first half? I figured we’d be done by 9:30 or so since it was supposed to start at 7:30! During the first half, the kids both got an Icee, Beth went to the bathroom, and we bought popcorn. Beth wanted a light-up butterfly, but for $15, that was not going to happen!

During intermission, they set everything back up for animal rides and such. This time I took the kids down for elephant rides for the bargain price of $15 per kid.


Then Eric took the kids to get ice cream. Beth was getting pretty squirrely by the time the second half started. It didn’t end until 10:30, way past bedtime. She was OK until about 9:30. Of course, if we had cut the intermission from 45 minutes to about 15 minutes, we could have gotten out of there by 10. And believe it or not, they were setting the animals rides back up after the second half for those people who didn’t get a chance to use the tickets they had already bought. Oy!

The show itself was good. They had acrobats, clowns, motorcycle riders, trapeze artists, and of course, the human cannonball. The cannonball was the finale and both kids said that was their favorite part. I liked the Chinese acrobats, they were amazing. The motorcycle riders were impressive – one even did a complete 360 degree flip!

4 thoughts on “Circus Time!

  1. It sounds like everyone had a good time. They didn’t do the rides and other stuff when you kids were little. I hope this was an Ringling Brother’s Circus since they originate in Wisconsin.

  2. It was not Ringling Brother’s. Can’t remember the circus company name at this point. It’s sponsored by the Tripoli Shriner’s every year.

  3. The Shriner’s always give a great show. Loved the kids riding on an elephant. Must have been quite a thrill for them.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  4. It’s great how you do so much with your family. You and Eric should be commended for keeping their life so full of fun and adventure.