Antibody Training

I took the day off to use a vacation day before the end of the year. It just so happened, that Alex and Beth had a doctor’s appointment today as well. They were not apprised of the appointment beforehand.

I picked the kids up at 2:40 instead of the usual 5:30 pickup time. When we continued south instead of turning around north, the question was asked, “Where are we going?”

“Antibody Training”, I said.

Alex figured out that we were going in the same direction as the doctor’s office. Alex asked if we were going to get a flu shot. Beth started to get concerned and upset. I said, “Antibody Training”, then mumbled, “Hmm… maybe…”. At this point Alex started one of his long-winded, authoritative, but 7-year old logical explanations. Beth calmed down.

We went into the office building, and walked to the pediatrician’s office. The sign directed us to another door near by. Even though both of them can read, they both seemed oblivious as to what the sign said. We went in, they sat down, and I filled out paperwork. After a few minutes, we were called in and went to the small examination room. A nurse came in with 2 pre-filled needles. I told the nurse we are here for Antibody Training with a wink. She asked who wanted to go first. Beth said she would, but Alex hopped onto the table first. I made him get down and Beth got up. The nurse told Beth to close her eyes, and she did. The nurse quickly swabbed the area, stuck the needle in, and pulled it out.

Alex and Beth traded places. Alex was a little nervous, but the nurse moved as quickly with him as well.

*Both* kids had flu shots, and *both* did not shed a tear! What a couple of Champs! Lollipops were dispensed, and we were on our way.

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