The End

So the end of NaBloPoMo snuck up on me. I was laying in bed yesterday wondering what I should write about when it struck me that technically, November was over and I didn’t have to write anything. How did that happen? When Nov started it felt like it was never going to end, then suddenly it’s Dec.

Yesterday we spend time organizing the basement and getting rid of junk. The work on the bathroom is complete, however we still need a few inspections, so we can’t put things completely back to normal yet. But I was able to get out the carpet and rug that have been rolled up for the past 5 months and lay them out. And since Alex was asking about his Scan 2 Go set last weekend, we dug that out from under the pieces of Jenna’s dismantled bed and set that up as well. And the kids proceeded to spend lots of time in the basement playing with that. 🙂

We also got the Christmas lights up, along with the porch decorations.

And so we start the mad race towards Christmas! My parents will be here in less than 3 weeks and suddenly it’s coming up so quickly! I don’t I like this late Thanksgiving thing.

4 thoughts on “The End

  1. I am sorry to see November end. I have enjoyed reading about your family life. It makes you seem closer to us.