Black Saturday?

So I was unable to do the Black Friday shopping yesterday that I would have liked to do. Online they didn’t offer the deal. So this morning I went online and found out Target was still offering the gift card with purchase in stores that was offered on Friday. Online check said at least 3 stores had what I wanted in stock. (Online checks are not always 100% accurate.) So off I went to Target, at 8:20 this morning. First store had 1 of the item I needed. Which I needed 3 of. Bought it. Off to the second Target. They had the other 2. Score!

Don’t want to write what I bought in case little kids are reading over my shoulder, so I’ll just leave you wondering until Xmas. 🙂 I know some of you know what I was looking at, but other people will be clueless. Don’t spoil the surprise if you already know!

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