Thanksgiving Recap

Yesterday we were invited to our friend Alicia’s house for Thanksgiving. Her friend Elizabeth suggested that they host Thanksgiving this year, for the first time, instead of going out like they usually do. We had planned to go out ourselves. When Alicia heard that, she invited us over. I offered to bring the pumpkin pie and then also ended up making an apple crisp, for anyone who didn’t like pumpkin pie. We also decided to have Eric make Honey Cornbread. Because of the Packer game at 11:30, we set dinner-time to be 4pm.

So Wednesday night I made the apple crisp and my pie dough. Thursday morning the kids help me make the pumpkin pie. Then we started watching the Packer game. I took the kids to Alicia’s at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The Packers were getting their butts kicked. (They’ve not been any good since our star quarterback broke his collarbone – he’s been out the past 4 weeks.)

I hung out with the ladies at Alicia’s house for a while. (All the guys were at home their respective homes watching the game!) The kids were behaving and trying out the games Alica had out. Eventually they switched to their iPads.

They guys started arriving, so we set up the tables. I helped Alicia and Elizabeth finish things off and get everything on the table. Eric arrived with the cornbread.

Dinner was great. The neighbors brought the stuffing and green bean casserole. Alicia and Elizabeth made the turkey (in my roasting oven), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, rolls, and corn. There was plenty of food. They did great for a first attempt. It was a very nice, mostly laid-back, kind of day.

We came home a little after 7 and attempted to get Beth to bed. She was a bit wired, so she didn’t actually end up going to bed until Alex did, about 8:45. They’re at Barb’s today. They haven’t seen her since mid-October, so they were excited. They were also the only two that were going to be there today.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Sounds like you had a really good day. Good food and good friends are always a blessing.

  2. What a great way to spend a day—Good Food, Good Friends, and a Packers Game. (Even if they did get their butts kicked.) Wish we could have been there.

  3. Glad you had a great day Shannon. Family and friends are a very important part of our lives and help make memories.

    Love, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff