Last night Alex caught us off-guard. Before I start I’m going to mention a few things:

    Alex has started calling Eric “Da”. Not “Dada”, not “Daddy”, just “Da”. I don’t know where he picked that up, we certainly don’t use it, and neither does Jenna, but if that’s what he wants to call him, we’re not going to correct him.
    Every morning when Alex comes downstairs he has to bring Teddy, Bunny, Turtle, and his blankie. I usually carry the last two items because he simply cannot hold all 4 items and still use the railing to come downstairs. At night, all 4 items must go back upstairs to bed with him. We do have him to the point where only Teddy and Bunny can leave the house. And if we’re going somewhere other than daycare, he has to leave Bunny in the car. Which he now does automatically when I open the back door.

Anyway, back to the story. As we were finishing dinner, Alex came into the dining room, whining, holding his turtle and his blankie. I thought I caught the word “bunny”, so I figured out that he was looking for Bunny. So I started looking with him. Found Bunny and Teddy lying in the middle of the kitchen floor. “Here they are, Alex”, I said. Alex immediately smiled and went to pick them up. Then came the strange part. He headed back into the dining room, stood before Eric and said “Da”, which usually means he wants Eric to go somewhere with him. Since he’s holding the 4 items that need to go upstairs, Eric asked, “Are you ready for bed?”. Alex said “Yes”, and headed for the stairs. It was only 7:25 and we’ve been taking him up to bed between 7:45 and 8:00 these days. So we had Alex tucked in for bed by 7:45. Of course I could hear him “talking” around 8:15, so I know he didn’t go right to sleep (which he doesn’t usually anyway), but I guess Alex was ready to have some quiet time to himself.

2 thoughts on “Bedtime?

  1. Nice to know you don’t have to fight with your child at bedtime. Training really worked with this one, hope it works well with Dax II. (Judzia or Kirzon???)