So this pregnancy is progressing slightly differently than the last one. There are a few things that are the same. I was very, very tired my first trimester with both babies and drinking water first thing in the morning makes me nauseous. This wears off about 10am or so. Very annoying since I’ve discovered that I probably drink 70% of my water before lunch. And lastly, this baby, just like Alex, likes to occasionally push on the sciatic nerve, causing pain on my lower back, hip and sometimes down my right leg. I’m used to that from Alex, so it’s more annoying than anything. Anyway. That’s where things diverge.

The morning sickness has been worse this time around. Now, I admit, that all things considered, I’ve gotten off very lucky in that respect. Many women have morning sickness all day long. I haven’t. But unlike last time where if I made sure I never felt hungry and then I never got sick, this time it hits me at random times with no warning. One minute I’m making dinner and suddenly I just don’t feel good and end up not eating.

Then there’s the fact that none of my pants fit except the two pair that were starting to get a little big before I found out I was pregnant. I’m popping out quicker this time around, as was expected, but I wasn’t expecting it this early! I was six months along last time when I finally decided to start wearing my maternity pants. This time I was 10 weeks when I first had the thought! I fought that urge for a while (with good reason, it turns out) and only brought the maternity pants out of the attic yesterday. The shorts that I was so proud that I could squeeze back into (and yes, I do mean squeeze) at the beginning of the summer were abandoned weeks ago in favor of the too-big pairs from last summer. As it turns out, the maternity pants are still a too big and as yet, unwearable. So at 14 weeks, I’m going to have to make due with a few pairs of pants for now.

All in all, I know that I’ve been lucky and that pregnancies can be very different, but I had it so easy with Alex I was kinda hoping things would go the same. Oh well, I’m sure in 3 more months I’ll be wishing that I was back to this stage and able to bend at the waist again.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy

  1. Shannon, Nikki popped out much quicker too with her second pregnancy and is about 3 weeks away from delivering (or hopefully sooner). She is MISERABLE with this pregnancy and says that even though the baby should be out of room now that she is this close to delivering, it kicks her even more. I am going this Saturday to stay with her because Jeff is gone all day and keeping up with Katie is wearing her out fast. She never got morning sickness with either pregnancies (she is lucky we know), but these last 2 months have been hard on her. Hopefully you’ll get through this phase and have the rest be a “piece of cake”. Thanks for keeping us all posted. It feels like we get to go through this with you even though you are so far away.


    Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I think I wore maternity clothes for 7 months with Jennie. The morning sickness surprises me though, usually it’s better the second time around. The water in the morning thing is inherited. Leigh could be right, then again it could just mean this baby is going to be more of a handful than Alex!