Bathroom Pictures

Apparently going out to movies in not conducive to staying up-to-date on my blogging. We saw Thor 2 last night. It was good. 🙂

So I’m going to post pictures of the almost finished bathroom. This has been a five-month saga of frustration. While we’re happy with the results, the amount of time this took was utterly ridiculous. The contractor, plumber, or electrician would show up mostly one day a week, sometime two. I think all told, we had less than 20 actual days worth of work done. If they had come in all day, every day, this would have been done in a month.

Needless to say, these people will not be remodeling our upstairs bathroom!

For those that don’t know, there was no bathroom in the basement to begin with. So they had to cut through the concrete floors to join up the drains. They replaced both wood windows that are now in the bathroom with glass block. Framed it out, ran the electrical, ran the plumbing. Did a great job working around the beam and heat conduits that were in the way. We had to have an HVAC guy come in to reroute the air conditioning lines over the beams instead of under them. Then they did all the finishing work: drywall, paint, tile, etc. It’s tiny, but it’s functional. Alex tried out the toilet the day they installed it. 🙂

We still need the contractor to put up the two shelves in the shower, the towel ring, two towel hooks, and we need to pick out a mirror and hang it, but other than that, it’s done. Oh, and we technically still need the final electrical inspection and then the final general inspection.

For my parents who might rather see the bathroom live next month and not in pictures, I’m not going to post the thumbnails, just links to the pictures.

These first pictures were taken by Elizabeth, who discovered our camera takes better pictures than hers. 🙂

First up, the two self-portraits Beth took:

And now, the bathroom, as seen by Elizabeth:
Main Floor
Hole for doorknob
Basement Light (This isn’t even part of the bathroom!)

And now slightly better pictures, taken by me:
Shower floor
Whole bathroom

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Pictures

  1. Looks fantastic. I have the exact same shower head! You are right about the time it should have taken but I’m sure you’re glad it’s done. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I am impressed. You did a beautiful job on your new bathroom and Beth took really good pictures.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out. No more trudging up two flights of stairs in the middle of the night. Two or three times. In the dead of winter. When the basement is so cold you can almost see your breath. Love the shower.
    We would, however, like to point out that your tiny bathroom isn’t much smaller than our upstairs bathroom.