Things are looking up

My physical therapist was very surprised when I walked into her office on Friday without my crutches! To be honest, we’re all a little surprised. But Wed she had me start practicing “gait walking” using the crutches and putting only 10% of my weight on the injured leg. The purpose is go get the motion of walking back. She said over time I would put more and more weight on the leg. Well, it turns out over the next 45 hours, I was able to put all my weight on the leg.

I still can’t move my foot much past 90 degrees, so my walking motion is quite abbreviated on that side, with me having to lift my heel before I normally would. That’s what we’re working on now – stretching the calf back to where it should be. She said I’ve been making amazing progress towards recovery. It seems that the muscle was ready to start working again, but I was just afraid to try in case I injured it further.

I’ve been working from home since Tue. It’s likely some time this week I’ll attempt to head into work. It’s getting a bit lonely at home. And my chair is really not that comfortable for long-term use. I’m going to attempt to drive the kids to Sunday School tomorrow. They’ve missed the past two weeks because of this. And if we don’t make it, well, that will tell me it may be too soon to head into work. The drive tomorrow morning will be way less stressful than the drive to work would be.

3 thoughts on “Things are looking up

  1. Physical Therapy is hard to do but the end results are rewarding. Keep on working towards your goal of being able to walk again with no help!

    Love, Aunt Lynn