Alex has greatly improved in his speech ability during these many months of therapy. Sure, you gotta know my kid to have any chance of deciphering what he said, but I’ve found that’s true with all children. Here’s two examples from today.

Alex knocks on the bathroom door:
Eric calls, “Who is it?”
Alex replies, “It’s me.”

We are in the car heading for the farmers market:
Alex asks, “Where are we going?”
Eric answers, “We’re going to the farmers market.”

It’s only the last week or so that Alex has been stringing words together. The phrase “I did it” was common, but other than that, he usually only says one word.

4 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Did Eric know who “Me” was or did he have to peek. Sounds like Alex is starting to talk more in his age group. Can I send Leigh to teach him “I do it myself”? She was really good with that one at his age.

  2. It is really great that his speech is improving. One of these days you will be saying be quiet already.
    Love, Aunt Carole